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Subject: MATHEMATICS 1 (A.A. 2023/2024)

single-cycle master degrees (5 years) in PRIMARY TEACHER EDUCATION

Course year 1
Teaching units Unit Matematica 1
Mathematics (lesson)
  • TAF: Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class SSD: MAT/04 CFU: 6
Mathematics (laboratory)
  • TAF: Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class SSD: MAT/04 CFU: 1
Teachers: Michela MASCHIETTO, Anita LUGLI
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Teaching language Italiano
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Drawing on the Italian standards for pre-primary and primary school, the mathematical contents are analysed from epistemological, cognitive and didactical viewpoints.

Admission requirements

Aritmetical and algebraic operations. Parallel and perpendicular straight lines. Definition of quadrilaterals and triangles. Use of compasses, set square and protractor. Pythagorean theorem.

Course contents

3 CFU - Starting in the study of mathematics and mathematical thinking: mathematical objects and their representations, reading of the definitions, reading and understanding of the demonstrations, argumentation and proofs, problem solving.
The space and the figures. Spatial knowledge and geometrical knowledge. Euclidean geometry in plane. The study of polygons: 1) triangles; 2) quadrilaterals. the circle. . Angles.
Perimeter and area of plane figures;
1 CFU - The solids. Volumes of solids.
1 CFU - Descriptive statistics: data representation, indices of position, indices of variability.
1 CFU - Geometrical constructions with ruler and compass, and with dynamic geometry software (in computer lab).

1 CFU of pedagogical-didactic laboratory (16 hours) on problem solving.

Teaching methods

The teaching is delivered through lectures and exercises (with discussions on problems and solution strategies, mathematical texts, learning difficulties; exercises with dynamic geometry software) in presence. They are carried out with the aid of audiovisual means (presentations in Power Point). The course is held in Italian language.

Assessment methods

Exams in presence. Geometric construction (selective) using the dynamic geometry software GEOGEBRA. Written exam, with open questions (paper and pencil). Students can use ruler, pair of compasses, protractor and calculator. Details and examples are available on

Learning outcomes

KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: -Foundations of mathematics; Practice of the typical processes of mathematics thinking (defining, proving, solving); Basic use of a dynamic geometry software. ABILITY TO APPLY KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: Links between foundations and applications to mathematics education at pre-primary and primary level, according to National standards. AUTONOMY OF JUDGEMENT: Autonomous and critical reflection on one’s own previous esperisce in mathematics lessons; critical approach to mathematical knowledge for teaching, as developed in large group discussions. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: In discussion and short essays (as in open questions for exams) arguing in effective, concise and rigorous way and expressing the concepts in appropriate way. LEARNING SKILLS: Study strategies for long-life learning, by means of the deep mastery of contents and their applications to pre-primary and primary mathematics education.


Il materiale (powerpoint e dispense) utilizzato dalla docente nel corso delle lezioni frontali e delle esercitazioni è disponibile sulla pagina del Portale moodle relativa all’insegnamento di Matematica 1 (nel rispetto dei diritti d'autore), inserite di volta in volta prima delle lezioni.