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Social sciences and humanities


degree course in DIGITAL MARKETING

Course year 1
Teaching units Unit Unico
Business Studies (lesson)
  • TAF: Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class SSD: SECS-P/08 CFU: 6
Teachers: Cristina CAMELLINI
Exam type written
Evaluation final vote
Teaching language Italiano
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At the end of the course, the student should be able to master inbound marketing methodology and technique: profiling and targeting target users, through the use of specific online tools, to achieve digital marketing objectives. Subsequently, build customised panel dashboards on data visualisation platforms to present data and results.
For further details on the training objectives of the course, please refer to the section on "Expected Learning Outcomes".

Admission requirements


Course contents

The course is divided into 4 parts. The topics are detailed below.
1. Introduction to web marketing and digital strategy (1.5 CFU, 12 hours)
• Introduction to digital marketing: strategy, activities and analysis/measurement.
• Digital strategy
• Digital marketing in B2B
• Exercise: Building an effective digital strategy
2. Target (1 CFU, 8 hours)
- Market evolution
- Positioning strategies
- Segmentation techniques
- The concept of buyer persona
3. Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation (2 CFU, 16 hours)
• Introduction Inbound Marketing
• The 4 steps of an inbound funnel: attract, convert, close, delight
• CRM and marketing automation
• Exercise and marketing automation
4. Data Visualisation (1.5 CFU, 12 hours)
• Overview Data Visualisation
• Most popular and used platforms
• Google Looker exercise

Teaching methods

The course involves traditional lectures supported by exercises and project work in groups and subsequent sharing with debriefing. Attendance is not compulsory, but strongly recommended. The teaching method is in presence, but can also be followed online. They will also be available via registration on the ONELab departmental platform. The teaching is held in Italian.

Assessment methods

The verification of learning will take place through a written test to be taken at the end of the lessons of the teaching in the institutional examination sessions. The written test consists of 31 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question will be worth 1 point. Honors expected with all questions correct. The time available for the written test will be 60 minutes.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the teaching, students will be able to:
(a) Knowledge and comprehension skills
- Have an insight into the three levels of digital marketing: strategic, operational and analytical.
- Master the methodology and techniques of inbound marketing.
- Analysing the data of digital assets and implemented campaigns, becoming aware of the relevant monitoring tools.
- Have the elements to structure a content strategy from an SEO perspective.
- Planning an inbound marketing funnel.
b) Applied knowledge and understanding
- Construct and understand a content strategy from an SEO perspective.
- Recognise and approach the most popular marketing automation platforms.
- Understand the touch points involving targets within the inbound marketing strategy.
c) Autonomy of judgement
- Be aware of digital methodology
- Justify choices related to the inbound marketing strategy.
d) Communication skills
- Present the inbound marketing strategy with the right terminology.
- Translate the data collected by the tools into results to be compared with the digital objectives, to be communicated also to non-experts.
e) Learning skills
- A methodology for approaching digital marketing
- Stimulation to deepen and broaden one's know-how by keeping up to date with marketing automation platforms, CRM, data visualisation.


Nessuno. Sarà fornito materiale didattico sotto forma di slide/presentazioni di accompagnamento utilizzate durante le lezioni.