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Subject: APPLIED VEHICLE DYNAMICS (A.A. 2021/2022)


Course year 2
Teaching units Unit Applied Vehicle Dynamics
To be chosen by the student (lesson)
  • TAF: Optional subjects SSD: ING-IND/12 CFU: 6
Teachers: Luca BERGIANTI, Andrea TOSO, Alessandro MORONI
Exam type written
Evaluation final vote
Teaching language inglese
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Alessandro MORONI
Andrea TOSO


The main objectives are:
• Complete vehicle indoor testing
• Race track data analysis and synthesis, development of performance parameters
• Correlation between data from the racetrack and data for the driving simulator

Admission requirements

vehicle dynamics

Course contents

The course is composed by three modules:

1. Indoor Testing of Components (springs, anti-roll bars, dampers, fixtures) and Full Vehicles (stiffness, compliance, and kinematics). 4 and 7 Post (sensors, performance index).

2. Track Data Analysis: Problems issues, data interpretation, math channels, performance index and comparison between drivers and vehicles

3. Virtual Testing

Driving Simulator: kinematics, vehicle dynamics analysis, performance, setup adjustments, driver in the loop, hardware in the loop. Correlation between track data and sim data. Driving Simulator as a tool for Design and Development. Labs

Teaching methods

The course includes: (i) Lectures from industry experts; (ii) Lab tests to match threory and practice; (iii) Labs;

Assessment methods

Written test with questions covering all three modules. If the student does not accept the mark, for all the following sessions the exam consists of both a written part and an oral exam covering all three modules.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of methods to measure vehicle components and full vehicles, track data analysis and applications; use of a driving simulator as a development tool


• B. Fey: Data Power; using racecar data acquisition, J.Robert Towery Publishing
• The science of Vehicle Dynamics - M.Guiggiani ( 2nd edition )
Analysis Tecniques for Racecar Data Acquisition ( J. Segers SAE 2nd edition ) Dynamic Testing of Vehicles
Principles of Race Driving A. Senna 1995
Drive to Win C. Smith 1996
Going Faster - Skip Barber Racing School
The unfair Advantage - M. Donohue