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Subject: RACING CAR TYRES (A.A. 2021/2022)


Course year 2
Teaching units Unit Racing Car Tyres
To be chosen by the student (lesson)
  • TAF: Optional subjects SSD: ING-IND/13 CFU: 6
Teachers: Andrea TOSO
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Teaching language inglese
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Andrea TOSO


Understanding the tyre as a complex product of engineering with particular emphasis to the racing application

Admission requirements

Vehicle Dynamics ( Muner 1st Year ) or
Meccanica dei Veicoli ( Unimore - Magistrale in Veicoli )

Course contents

Introduction, History
Tyre Standards
Lab on Tyre Designation
Tyre Kinematics
Vehicle Dynamics ( Tyre Details )
Lab on Tyre Drag
Tyre Constraints and Functions
Tyre Elements
Tyre Design
Tyre Manufacturing
Lab on Materials – Design your Tyre
Tyre Friction
Tyre Pressure and Rolling Resistance
Tyre Use
Lab of Tyre Diagnosis of Problems
Tyre Modeling – Brush Model
Tyre Modeling – Paceijka Model
Lab on Paceijka Model – Parameters
Lab on Paceijka Model – Axle Grip

Teaching methods

Lectures ( 48 hours ) Laboratories ( 12 hours )

Assessment methods

Exam: Written ( short answers to two questions ) AND Oral ( 30 minutes ) in presence. Remote exams if only if it will be mandatory to allow that by the University guidelines ( by January 2022 ) No intermediate tests

Learning outcomes

Understanding and Comprehension of the racing tyre.
Both practical and theoretical aspects.


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