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Subject: AGRICULTURAL VEHICLES (A.A. 2024/2025)

master degree course in AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING

Course year 2
Teaching units Unit Macchine Motrici Agricole
To be chosen by the student (lesson)
  • TAF: Optional subjects SSD: AGR/09 CFU: 6
Teachers: Michele MATTETTI
Exam type written
Evaluation final vote
Teaching language Italiano
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The aim of the course is to give general and specific knowledge on agricultural tractors: different uses of them, functionality, valuation of performance, safety and health of the driver and the homologation rules.

Admission requirements


Course contents

- Agricultural tractor: historical outline, typical types and architectures (1 hour)
- Engine: type and functional characteristics, power classes, performance characteristics, cooling systems (3 hours)
- Tractor dynamics: static and dynamic loads, center of gravity hight measure, rolling over (4 hours)
- Transmission devices: type and characteristics of transmissions and gearboxes (8 hours)

- Performance of agricultural tractors (8 hours)
- Hydraulic circuit (2 hours)
- Brake and steering systems (2 hours)
- Safety and health: Static and dynamic comfort on the driving and relative rules; pollution and electromagnetic compatibility (2 hours)
- Motion system: technical characteristics of pneumatic tires and tracks; mechanics of vehicle-terrain interaction (3 hours)
- Rules for agricultural tractors homologation EC and OECD homologation (4 hours)
- Accelerated testing for agricultural tractors (4 hours)
- Exercitations: visit to a tractor manufacturer (4 hours)

Teaching methods

Teaching is articulated in frontal lectures and lab experiments.

Assessment methods

The knowledge verification will be performed only through the final examination, which verifies the acquisition of knowledge and skills expected by an oral examination of about 60 minutes without the aid of notes or books. The oral examination consists of 3 questions. The final grade is calculated as the arithmetic average of the grades obtained in all the 3 questions.

Learning outcomes

The students will acquire the necessary knowledge of agricultural machines with particular references to the tractor and its components.


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