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Subject: VEHICLE MECHANICS (A.A. 2023/2024)

master degree course in AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING

Course year 1
Teaching units Unit Meccanica del Veicolo
Mechanical Engineering (lesson)
  • TAF: Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class SSD: ING-IND/13 CFU: 6
Teachers: Carlo INNOCENTI
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Teaching language Italiano
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Knowledge of the fundamentals of vehicle mechanics, through description and analysis of the main mechanical subsystems of a vehicle. Correct use of analysis and calculation methods of machine mechanics, applied to vehicle subsystems.

Admission requirements

Rationale Mechanics, Mechanics of Machines.

Course contents

Pure rolling of a rigid wheel on the plane; degrees of freedom of mechanisms with non-holonomic constraints. (0.2)
Kinematic steering. (0.2)
Review and applications of rigid body dynamics. (0.4)
Longitudinal dynamics, acceleration performance. (0.4)
Gearboxes, clutches, differentials, transfer cases, couplings. (2.8)
Flexural critical speeds of shafts. (0.4)
Braking and brakes. (0.4).
Suspension mechanisms and their kinematic and static analyses. (1.2)

(number of credits in brackets)

Teaching methods

Lectures in classroom

Assessment methods

The exam is oral. A necessary condition for admission to the exam is the presentation of the collection of exercises assigned during the course, correctly solved. The exam is divided into three questions concerning the theory and the assigned exercises. For each question the candidate writes the outline of the answer, then verbally explaines it to the examiner. The time available to answer each question is 15 '. There must be at least 20 days between attempts to pass the exam.

Learning outcomes

Learning of the basic calculation methods and techniques of Vehicle Mechanics.
Ability to apply the skills acquired in the modeling of vehicle subsystems through the correct use of the methods of Mechanics of Machines.
Knowledge and appropriate use of technical terminology in the field of Vehicle Mechanics.
Acquisition of the necessary skills to autonomously study technical-scientific aspects of the subject.


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