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master degree course in MATHEMATICS

Course year 1
Teaching units Unit Inglese scientifico avanzato
Combined field Taf F (lesson)
  • TAF: Various educational activities SSD: L-LIN/12 CFU: 3
Teachers: Judith Anne TURNBULL
Exam type oral
Evaluation final vote
Teaching language Italiano
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Judith Anne TURNBULL


The course aims at providing the students with the basic knowledge and communicative competence required to understand semi-specialised texts or lectures, as well as to develop their skill to present disciplinary content in speaking (delivering a presentation followed by a question and answer session)

Admission requirements

Students are expected to be at least at B1 level at the beginning of the programme

Course contents

Features of General English and Scientific English. Analysis of ppt presentations summarizing information found in specialized texts, on the basis of the principle of information transfer. Students will learn to write an abstract and to prepare and deliver a presentation, followed by a short question and answer session.

Teaching methods

The course will be developed as a practical language workshop. This involves students' participation in realistic communicative activities: tasks requiring students to understand and use specialized language in academic contexts. Students attending classes may be partially assessed in class.

Assessment methods

- preparation and delivery of a ppt presentation on the basis of given reference materials - interaction on the prepared topic

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, students will show a B2 competence in writing and speaking skills.
they will show they can:
- understand scientific texts (articles and textbooks)
- prepare a ppt presentation, using reference material for information
- present the main points orally and interact on prepared topics

In terms of the Dublin descriptors:
• Knowledge and understanding: - Ss will have knowledge of the most common features of scientific English and of the genres studied;
• Communicative skills - Ss will be able to understand specialized texts on familiar topics, to report the main points and to interact on familiar topics;
• learning skills - Ss will develop learning skills such as extracting the main points of an informative text and summarizing it.


I materiali per le esercitazioni verranno indicati all’inizio delle lezioni./Materials will be provided at at the beginning of classes.

Non attending students can use the following materials:
Martin Hewings, Cambridge Academic English B2 Upper Intermediate Student's Book, Cambridge University Press 2012.
An Integrated Skills Course for EAP
- E. Zanders, L. MacLeod (2010), Presentation Skills for Scientists. A Practical Guide with DVD-ROM; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.