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Subject: PROGRAMMAZIONE MOBILE (A.A. 2024/2025)

master degree course in COMPUTER SCIENCE

Course year 2
Teaching units Unit Programmazione mobile
Information Technology (lesson)
  • TAF: Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class SSD: INF/01 CFU: 6
Teachers: Alessandro CAPOTONDI, Luca BEDOGNI
Exam type oral
Evaluation final vote
Teaching language Italiano
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Alessandro CAPOTONDI


The training goals are:
- to introduce the issue in the development of distributed and mobile systems
- to present the platforms for mobile devices
- to present the technologies for the development of mobile applications

Admission requirements

Knowledge of object oriented programming

Course contents

- Software Engineering in Android: from design challenges to memory and power management.
- Architectures and languages for multi-platform development.
- Introduction to Computer Graphics on mobile and embedded systems (OpenGLES)

Teaching methods

Lessons supported by slides about theory and class exercises to apply the theory. The non-attending students can access the lesson slides and the exercise material.

Assessment methods

The exam will be the development of a project and an oral discussion. The project will be the development of a distributed or mobile application, decided with the teacher. The oral discussion will be the presentation of the project and oral questions to verify the understanding of the course contents.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding
The student knows the technologies to develop distributed and mobile applications

Applying knowledge and understanding
The student is able to develop distributed and mobile software applications, being able to choose the most appropriate technologies and platforms.

Making judgements
The student has the capability of judging the technologies and the software tools most suitable to any context, evaluating the possible choices;

The student:
has the capability of exploiting technological tools to communicate;
- has the capability of writing reports;

Lifelong learning skills
The student:
- has the capability of evaluating her knowledge in connection with the state of the art of software technologies;
- has the capability of defining the missing skills to face the proposed work;
has the capability of doing continuos training to fill the gaps and keep updated;
- has the capability of exploiting the appropriate sources;
- has the capability of facing new problems with a scientific and methodological approach.


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