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degree course in COMPUTER SCIENCE

Course year 2
Teaching units Unit Ottimizzazione lineare intera
A11 (lesson)
  • TAF: Supplementary compulsory subjects SSD: MAT/09 CFU: 6
Teachers: Mauro DELL'AMICO
Exam type oral
Evaluation final vote
Teaching language Italiano
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The course introduces the students to the basis of the methods to model and solve linear integer and continuous optimization problems. Detailed information on Moodle

Admission requirements

Basic knowledge of linear algebra and programming.

Course contents

1CFU Introduction to Mathematical models
3 CFU Linear Programming
2 CFU Integer Programming
- Cutting planes
- Branch-and-bound
- Branch-and-cut
0.5 CFU Dynamic programming
0.5 CFU Introduction to graph theory
- The shorthest path problem

Teaching methods

Lectures and exercises in class and laboratory. The course is in Italian. Attendance is not mandatory, but strongly recommended.

Assessment methods

Written examination and subsidiary oral examination

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understandig: to be able to undertand the characteristics of an optimization and decision problem.
Ability to apply knowledge and understanding: Competence in writing mathematical models for optimization and decision problems
Competence in solving small applied PLC and PLI problems and PLI problems


Dispense del docente disponibili su Moodle

R. Baldacci, M. Dell'Amico "Fondamenti di Ricerca Operativa", Pitagora ed.
M. Dell'Amico "120 Esercizi di Ricerca Operativa", Pitagora ed.

Additional readings

F.S. Hillier and G. J. Lieberman. Introduction to Operations Research, McGraw-Hill, New York, 2012.
H.P. Williams. Model Building in Mathematical Programming. J. Wiley, New York, 1993.
C. Papadimitriou and K.Steiglitz. Combinatorial Optimization: Algorithms and Complexity, Prentice-Hall, 1982