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Subject: PHYSICS A (A.A. 2020/2021)

degree course in MATHEMATICS

Course year 1
Teaching units Unit Fisica A
Physics (lesson)
  • TAF: Basic compulsory subjects SSD: FIS/01 CFU: 9
Teachers: Oscar MOZE
Exam type oral
Evaluation final vote
Teaching language Italiano
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Oscar MOZE


At the end of the course, the student will have acquired a working knowledge of the fundamentals of mechanics and electrostatics

Admission requirements

Basic mathematics

Course contents

Linear and circular motion, mechanical energy, conservation of mechanical energy and momentum, rigid body mechanics, mechanics of ideal and real fluids. Electrostatics: Coulombs Law, Electric fields, Elecrostatic energy and potential, the electric dipole.

Teaching methods

Lectures and tutorials. Lectures with presentations slides

Assessment methods

Written exam on concepts and applications of mechanics and electrostatics

Learning outcomes

The student will have acquired a capacity to resolve practical problems in mechanics and electrostatics.


P. Mazzoldi, M.Nigro, C. Voci, Elementi di Fisica: Meccanica e termodinamica, Elementi di Fisica: Elettromagnetismo e onde (EDISES, Napoli).
D. C. Giancoli, Fisica 1, seconda edizione e Fisica 2, seconda edizione (Editore CEA).
o testi equivalenti.