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degree course in PHYSICS

Course year 3
Teaching units Unit Fisica nucleare e rivelatori
A13 (lesson)
  • TAF: Supplementary compulsory subjects SSD: FIS/04 CFU: 6
Exam type oral
Evaluation final vote
Teaching language Italiano
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Knowledge and understanding:
At the end of the course the student should have acquired the elements of properties of atomic nuclei, nucleon-nucleon interaction, radioactive decays and nuclear reactions.

Applying knowledge and understandings:
At the end of the course the student should be able to apply the knowledge acquired to simple problems in nuclear physics.

Making judgement:
At the end of the course the student should be able to recognize by himself the different kinds of reactions and decays involving atomic nuclei.

Communication skills:
At the end of the course the student should be able to describe with appropriate technical language and mathematical formalism the subjects presented in the course.

Learning skills:
The use of English books should stimulate the learning skills and the ability to go deep in subjects connected with the ones presented in the lessons.

Admission requirements

Good knowledge of classical mechanics and electromagnetism. Basic knowledge of quantum mechanics and special relativity.

Course contents

Course programme:
Properties of the atomic nucleus: nuclear radius, mass and binding energy, angular momentum and parity, electromagnetic moments.
Nucleon-nucleon interaction: deuteron, nucleon-nucleon scattering.
Nuclear models: drop model, Fermi gas, shell model; collective excitations.
Radioactive decay. Alpha, beta and gamma decays; spontaneous and induced fission.
Nuclear reactions: direct reactions, compound-nucleus reactions, resonances. Nuclear fusion.

Examination: end-of-course oral assessment.

Students Consultation hours:
send me an e-mail to make an appointment.

Teaching methods

Lectures, few laboratory experiments on the detection of nuclear radiation.

Assessment methods

Oral examination

Learning outcomes

Basic knowledge of properties of the atomic nucleus.


K.S. Krane, Introductory nuclear physics, Wiley 1987