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Subject: TIROCINIO II ANNO (A.A. 2019/2020)

master degree course in NURSING AND OBSTETRICS

Course year 2
CFU 10
Teaching units Unit Tirocinio II anno
Different internship for specific profile (stage o tirocini (interno))
  • TAF: Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class SSD: MED/45 CFU: 10
Teachers: Maria Grazia MACCHIONI
Exam type oral
Evaluation final vote
Teaching language Italiano
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Maria Grazia MACCHIONI


The internship allows the student to carry out the practical activity is an integral part of the course of study and aims to provide a significant experience for the achievement of the skills contained in the course of study. In particular, the aim is to favor the training experience in the various health and social care contexts, research centers and training services for planning and management.

Admission requirements


Course contents

The training in the field includes the carrying out of a placement internship in one of the areas proposed by the course. The student, in agreement with the internship reference coordinator, will agree with the tutor of the internship office the times and methods of carrying out the traineeship that will have to end with a written report to be presented also orally

Teaching methods

Individual meetings with the coordinator of the internship for the planning of the personalized path of the internship. Definition of learning times and objectives, on the basis of the specific training objectives of the course, by the student with the tutor of the chosen office.

Assessment methods

The evaluation is expressed on the basis of the following criteria: - the opinion of the tutor of the training place - the level of planning achieved in the experience - the quality compared to the drafting of the internship, in terms of skills in transferring and applying the theoretical models learned, reflections and reworking of the experience, clarity of exposition, logical organization and punctual delivery. - the presentation of the internship project. (systematicity of exposure, quality of the slides produced, ability to synthesize and respect for the times). the internship activity is evaluated by a vote.

Learning outcomes

Demonstrate an applicative approach to knowledge
Acquired and skills in solving problems with new or unfamiliar issues in the organization, or research or training.
Knowing how to create and present a project within the specific area of ​​the apprenticeship to expose one's thought, in a reasoned way and with an adequate language.