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Social sciences and humanities


single-cycle master degrees (5 years) in LAW

Course year 5
Teaching units Unit Storia e sistemi dei rapporti tra Stato e Chiesa
Training activities in similar subject fields or in fields integrating the basic and distinctive ones, also relating to context cultures and interdisciplinary training (lesson)
  • TAF: Supplementary compulsory subjects SSD: IUS/11 CFU: 6
Teachers: Lucia SCALERA
Exam type oral
Evaluation final vote
Teaching language Italiano
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The aim is to help the students acquire a general historical vision of relationship between the State and the Catholic Church, in particular with regards to the Italian situation, and introduce them to the system within which these relations are applied.

Admission requirements

Regard for the general propaedeuticity of Constitutional law, Private Law Institutions I and Roman Law Institutions.

Course contents

TOLERANCE AND INTOLERANCE. Ancient tolerance, christian intolerance, civil intolerance, civil tolerance.
Caesaropapism; jurisdictionalism, theocracy.
SEPARATISM AND COORDINATION. Separatism: anti-state and anti-ecclesiastic separatist currents; theoretic postulates and practical application of the system. Coordination: the two sun theory; the pactional system in Italy.
CURRENT TRENDS AND FUTURE PROSPECTS. The new scopes of the debate between State and religous denominations

Teaching methods

The course consists in 42 hours of frontal lectures. To support an active participation of the students, during the lectures readings of the sources to analyse critically will be suggested.

Assessment methods

The learning ability test consists in an oral exam. The student will be asked three questions and is required to prove that he has at least acquired a basic understanding of the subjects covered.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding: Knowledge of the development of relations between the Italian State and the Catholic Church throughout the centuries. Knowledge of the systems of relationship between the Italian State and the Catholic Church.
Capacity to apply knowledge and understanding: The study of relationship between the Italian State and the Catholic Church - through a critical understanding of the treated issues - will contribute to the education of a legal-critical attitude.
Making judgment: The students’ understanding allows them to automatically place the relations between the State and the Church - in a particular historical context – into the systems of relationship between the two institutions under observation.
Communication skills: The students will be able to communicate, with a proper legal language and consistency of argument, ideas on the topics of the course.
Capacity of learning: The students will have acquired the proper instruments for an autonomous and adequate updating.


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