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Social sciences and humanities

Subject: MONOGRAPHIC ROMAN LAW (A.A. 2024/2025)

single-cycle master degrees (5 years) in LAW

Course year 5
Teaching units Unit Diritto romano monografico
History and Law (lesson)
  • TAF: Basic compulsory subjects SSD: IUS/18 CFU: 6
Teachers: Marina EVANGELISTI
Exam type oral
Evaluation final vote
Teaching language Italiano
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This topic addresses the fundamentals of historical-legal study and will provide a detailed analysis regarding the origins of the Roman empire. In addressing these general questions we will focus on several underlying issues which will, in combination, offer a set of carefully framed definitions.

Admission requirements

Could be useful for the students to read some fundamental themes of the exam of the first year on Roman private law, just for understanding better the specific items and terms of this subject.

Course contents

The essential key groups in the state of the Roman Republic and their evolution after the silent evolution of August, with particular attention to the structures and functions of the Senate and the magistrates of the cursus honorum. Not less attention would be given to Roman jurisprudence; its method for finding solutions to legal cases and the praxis of dialectical debate and argumentation, during trial or in the legal consulence is its most importance inheritance for us.

Teaching methods

The teacher, during every lesson, explains the chosen topics at, at the end of the lesson puts the juridical and literary sources on Dolly platform, for helping students with some materials and opening tables of teamwork discussion. Students partecipation is expressly requested and it's very useful both for the teacher and students themselves.

Assessment methods

The teacher checks students preparation during an oral exam after the end of the course; the questions are on the examination program and students can found it on the book chosen by the teacher. At the midterm of the course there will be a faculataive written examination for attending students on some items explained during the lessons. Students who get a sufficient valuation could have another reduction of the program to be studied for the final oral examination.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding: through teacher lessons students learn Roman history and its fundamental contribution to the building of our european legal system and way of thinking.
Applying knowledge and understanding: during the course, the students could deepen their knowledge, becoming able to create complex connections between the past and the present.
Makin judgement: askin questions to the teacher and usin Dolly platform, students could test on their own their level of comprehension and ask deeper an d further explainations.
Comunication skills: reading juridical, philosophical and lierary roman sources, the students improve all their comunication skills.
Learning skills: all the activities described are thought for allowing students to have, not only a deeper knowledge of our past but also new and useful key lectures of our present.


Testo adottato: "Storia del diritto romano e linee di diritto privato",di F.Amarelli-L.De Giovanni-P.Garbarino-A.Schiavone, a cura di Aldo Schiavone, Giappichelli II ed. Torino 2011.
Programma frequentanti:
Parte I: capp.I, II, III;
Parte II: capp. I, II, III;
Parte IV: I.
Programma non frequentanti:
Parte I: capp. I, II, III, IV;
Parte II: capp. I, II, III(tutto), IV;
Parte IV: I;
Parte V: tutto.
Le parti del programma da studiare per la prova scritta e la data della medesima saranno comunicate all'inzio del corso su esse 3, Dolly ed a lezione.