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Social sciences and humanities

Subject: ADMINISTRATIVE LAW II (A.A. 2023/2024)

single-cycle master degrees (5 years) in LAW

Course year 4
Teaching units Unit Diritto amministrativo II
Administrative Law (lesson)
  • TAF: Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class SSD: IUS/10 CFU: 9
Teachers: Mario MIDIRI
Exam type oral
Evaluation final vote
Teaching language Italiano
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Knowledge of the fundamental institutions of the existing system of administrative justice in Italy and in particular the administrative process as necessary to a correct setting of issues related to protection of judicial situations against public administration and relationships between the different instruments of protection.

Admission requirements

Excellent knowledge of basic concepts and institutions of Public Law. Ability to analyse doctrinal and jurisprudential documents. Fluent Italian.

Course contents

The characters and the evolution of the Italian administrative justice. The constitutional principles. Ordinary Courts and public administration. The administrative judge: organization and jurisdiction. The administrative justice: procedure. Conflicts of jurisdiction.